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Wasps (Yellow Jackets) -Vespula spp

Begin creating their colony for the next year at the end of each summer. These pests are best dealt with by treating the nest directly.

wasp exterminator

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  • Adult worker wasps have the characteristic black and yellow patterning on the abdomen.
  • Length is between 15 and 20mm long.
  • They have a black head and thorax.
  • Fore and hind wings are held together by a row of minute hooks giving the appearance of only one wing per side of the wasp.
  • The wings are heavily veined.


Wasps are colonial insects living in social groups. Overwintering queen makes a small starter nest from paper made by mixing wood and saliva and establishes each colony in the spring.

The colony grows throughout the summer and the nest with it. Many thousands of individuals are associated with each nest, with the workers feeding on nectar, sweet materials and, at certain times, insect larvae and other animal pieces.

The colony develops males towards the end of the summer to mate with presumptive queens, which, when mated, overwinter to start a new colony the following year.


Inside factories or food establishments Electronic Flying Insect Control Units are very effective.

Household affected by wasp nests on their property will need a treatment to eliminate the nest. This may involve applying an insecticidal dust into or around the nest. This can be from ground level or at heights in the roof of the property.

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