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Get a free quote before you hire us and check our prices pest control guide 2019, as a pest control company we perform a free review and provide guidance – be aware that you could need more than one treatment to eradicate pests.

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National pest technicians association
National Pest Technicians Association

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Prices for pest control 2019

Rodents Pest Control

Pest Price Additional Visit Cost (if required)
Rats £110 (includes 2 visits) £25 each
Mice £110 (includes 2 visits) £25 each
Squirrels £50 (using traps) 3 visits minimum required
Moles £45 (using traps) 3 visits minimum required - domestic property
Moles Farmland and Paddocks P.O.A

Insects Pest Control

Prices based on a 3 bedroomed house. All treatments £35 per additional room

Pest Price Additional Visit Cost (if required)
Woodworm Quote Survey Required
WASP £65 (per nest) £10 extra each nest
Ants £65 indoor only
Fleas £125 £80 2nd treatment if needed
Bed Bugs £165 £100 2nd treatment if needed
Cockroaches £125 £100 2nd treatment if needed
Moths £125 £80 2nd treatment if needed
Carpet Beetles £125 £80 2nd treatment if needed
Beetles £125 £100 2nd treatment if needed
Cluster Flies £75 £50 2nd treatment if needed
Silverfish £65 £50 2nd treatment if needed
House Flies Survey Required P.O.A

Prices for Additional Pest Control Services

Pest Price Extra Costs (if needed)
Pest Identification £35 per visit Deducted off the price of treatment.
Pigeon Proofing Survey Required P.O.A
Pigeon Control Survey Required P.O.A
Commercial Contracts FREE Survey FREE SURVEY - Carried out to enable prices to be given

All other pest species can be dealt with prices for pest control after an identification and inspection is carried out. 

Prices for hiring a pest control professionals

It may be tempting to tackle pest control yourself. However, it is safer and more humane to hire a pest specialist. We are qualified pest control experts and were able to spot the pests correctly and know which treatment to use. As a skilled pest control professional’s we have excellent references. Apex pest control is registered to the trade association National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA)

We charge the average rates for best control backed by our guarantees set out in the terms and conditions when you employ us to eradicate your pest problem. We accept all major credit and debit cards to help make payments easy. Please call today and report your pest problem on 0114 3491098

Apex Pest Control Sheffield Reviews

Viviane Ferraz
Viviane Ferraz
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Perfect combination of pest control knowledge and amazing costumer service. Very professional with great attention to detail! Would recommend any time and will definetely use the services again if needed!
Fiona Carpenter
Fiona Carpenter
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Very efficient and professional service. I had a problem with mice in one of my rental properties and Tony dealt with the issue very quickly. One happy tenant! I would recommend Apex to anyone

Common Household Pests

Here’s a list of the widespread household pests and garden pests to look out for:

Rats and mice need to gnaw to keep their teeth filed down regularly. The gnawing causes damage to electric cables, furniture and fittings. The rodents can even start a fire by ruining cables and wires. There are also health risks carried by rodents. For example, brown rats carry 13 different kinds of parasites and illnesses including salmonella.

As bedbugs are small and flat like a piece of paper, they fit inside any crevice or crack, and this makes bed bugs extremely hard to eliminate. Bed bugs mostly feed on blood.

Wasp, bees and hornets
These flying insects are difficult to identify, so you need to hire a pest control expert, as there are strict guidelines you have to follow when dealing with bees, which are essential for pollination. Wasps and hornets, however, are more aggressive and you may need to have a professional pest controller to remove them.

These bugs are widespread, especially in crowded housing environments. They can carry diseases and like to hide in wall and ceiling voids, rubbish and furniture. It’s crucial to keep a tidy home and garden to prevent any cockroach infestation.

Ants are a natural garden pest and may also invade your home. However, ants are comparatively easier to remove using a pest industry powder.

Moles can severely damage your garden as they tend to create a network of tunnels and prefer to eat mainly insects instead of plants. A professional ole catcher will use traps to get moles, as many poisons are now prohibited.

Squirrels will cause a great deal of damage, chewing through insulation, woodwork, wiring and pipes. They may be aggressive when challenged and also carry diseases – you’ll need to hire a squirrel control professional to cope with squirrels.

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