Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs

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Adult Bed Bugs are approximately 4-5mm in length, wingless and uniformly mahogany in colour. They have well developed legs with efficient tarsal claws for clinging to the host when feeding.

Bed Bug females lay eggs throughout their life with around 2-3 laid per day in good conditions. Since they can live for many months, one bed bug may lay 400-500 eggs in her lifetime.

A nymph will emerge from the egg stage at the right temperature around 10-12 days later and be a small version of the adult and start looking for a host to feed on their blood. They go through 5 nymph stages over a period of time, which is dependant on food resources, temperature and humidity.

Bed Bugs have well defined nesting areas and you will find large numbers congregating together at times with all stages of Bed Bugs present.

The close association of Bed Bugs with humans means they can become a substantial problem through their blood feeding habits. Feeding at night as their host is sleeping. Bites can be a source of itching and then followed by secondary infections. Treatment requires a thorough inspection of affected areas and then a treatment plan made and carried out.

This may include using residue insecticidal treatment ultra low volume and heat treatments. Disposal of furniture and bed may also help with treatments. Care must be taken when carrying out treatment as not to miss any harbourages as the places they live can be diverse.

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