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Cockroaches were once classed as pest in tropical climates have now become a common pest in the UK, due to international trade. Get rid of a cockroach problem today with a professional cockroach control service.

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Undoubtedly amongst the most noxious of pests, cockroaches have lived alongside man for hundreds of years. There are over 4000 different species of cockroaches worldwide. Those species, which are classed as pest in tropical climes but have now become cosmopolitan, being distributed by commerce.


Cockroaches foul their environment with faeces or castings, and regurgitated food. They taint materials with their characteristic smell and the air in infested premises may contain fragments of their exoskeletons and cockroach excrement.

They move from filth to food so exposure to allergens in cockroach excrement and cast skins, may be responsible for developing an allergic response such as allergic rhinitis or dermatitis. They cause great distress to people occupying infested premises.


Cockroaches have long whip-like antennae, which are carried reflexed along their bodies. Their heads are hinged under the pronotum (a shield-like covering) and their legs are large and bristly.

Cockroaches are omnivorous. In addition to conventional foodstuffs, they will feed on paper, vomit, sputum, human and animal faeces, nail parings and even other cockroaches. Their activity peaks during the hours of darkness that is they are crepuscular insects.

They exhibit incomplete metamorphosis; the juvenile stages or nymphs resemble the adults. Each cockroach moults several times in its lift cycle producing a larger nymph and eventually moulting to the adult stage. Some species are fully winged in the adults; others may have reduced wings or wing buds. When wings are present they are leathery and veined.

The females of those cockroaches classed as pests all produce egg cases or oothecae. The eggs hatch inside the case and nymphal cockroaches emerge from them.

During the daytime, cockroaches spend most of their time in harbourages, grouped together. This behaviour is influenced by them finding the same suitable harbourage and also by them producing an aggregation pheromone, which is a chemical messenger to other cockroaches of the same species, who respond by being attracted to the source of the pheromone. As this pheromone is present in cockroach faeces, cockroaches will also be attracted to areas previously contaminated by cockroaches.

It should be noted that the development of cockroaches is affected by food quality, humidity, and temperature and day length.


An established cockroach infestation can be difficult to control if the cockroaches are distributed throughout the building, coupled with the fast rate of reproduction of the species.

Several treatments along with monitoring may be required.

Before any treatment is carried out a thorough survey is required to establish which species of cockroach we would be treating as this along with the slightly different biology and behaviour of each species will enable better control.

We have several different control methods at our disposal. These may range from gel applications, which are placed in position where cockroaches will feed on the bait – to insecticide applications where we will both fan spray and crack and crevice treatments, using a rotation of insecticide. These may also contain insect growth regulators.

After any insecticidal spray treatment we will also carry out a ULV application. This is airborne insecticide with droplets size down to 15 microns and complements the fan and crack and crevice treatment.

After each treatment a period of monitoring with stick traps is advisable to give an early warning. Steps should be taken after treatment to prevent re-infestations, by proofing buildings, monitoring goods coming into the building, which may carry egg cases or live cockroaches.

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