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Mixed Month

Mixed Month During a normal February apart from our commercial contracts, which we attend to for 52 weeks of the year, most of our work is call-outs to deal with rodents, Rats and Mice. Where rats are concerned most of the jobs we will receive will be by customers having sleepless nights, with the rats

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Woodworm Problems

Woodworm Problems & Treatment   When people discover Woodworm (Anobium punctatum) in floorboards or joists, their first instinct in a lot of cases is to think that the property is going to collapse around them. In most woodworm infestations this is not going to happen for a very long time, as to get to the

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Apex pest control blog

Seasonal Pest

Seasonal Pest Since our last blog, where the majority of our summer business shifted to predominantly commercial contracts, we are at point where the shift is happening again. Throughout the year our commercial contracts remain steady, however towards the back of end of the year domestic work sees a dramatic increase. With rodents, moles, squirrels

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agricultural and forest pest control

Ensuring a Safer Environment

Ensuring a safer environment for us and them The control of rodent populations on farms and in other rural settings is essential because they spread disease, contaminate foodstuffs and cause damage to buildings. They can also become the source of infestation for nearby suburban areas. Other reasons for needing to control rodents in rural areas

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