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Bed bugs can live for weeks & sometimes months, producing 400 – 500 eggs during a lifetime. We are experts in conducting a through investigation and an effective bed bug exterminator.

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Bed Bug Information


There are three common species of carpet beetle:

  • Adult Bed bug 4-5mm in length
  • Wingless and uniformly mahogany brown in colour
  • Long well-developed legs with efficient tarsal claws for clinging onto the host during feeding
  • Prominent antennae projects from the head adjacent to the compound eyes


Female bed bugs lay eggs throughout her life, an unusual feature in insects. They generally produce around 2 to 3 per day and since they can live for many weeks, indeed months, each female could product around 400-500 eggs during her lifetime. The eggs are deposited all around the environment in which the bed bug lives and are small and white or whitish/yellow about 1mm long.

The nymph which emerges from the eggs after about 10 days at 22°C is a small version of the adult, feeding also on the blood of vertebrates.

The length of time spent in the five nymphal stages is greatly dependent upon the food resources available, temperature and relative humidity.

Bed bugs have well defined resting sites in which many of the insects from all the different life stages are found. This harbourage is an essential part of the life cycle of the insect since it is in this area that the young bed bug picks up the internal gut microorganisms, which are essential to their survival.


This genus has representatives worldwide.


The close association of bed bugs with human beings means that they can cause substantial nuisance through their blood-feeding habit. They feed at night on the human hosts as they are sleeping.

If the infestation is high there can be a risk of anaemia being suffered by the human hosts, although this is rare.

The nuisance and itching caused by the bites and the possibility of secondary infection are more common.

Bats, chickens and other domesticated animals may also be attacked.


When dealing with Bed bug control, a very thorough investigation of all harbourages needs to be undertaken as their daytime hiding places are extensive.

Bed bugs may enter a property in a variety of ways including hitching a ride in the crevices of your suitcase when returning from holidays or travelling. They may be hiding in second hand furniture purchased; the list of ways they may enter is extensive.

Treatment by Apex pest control services involves applying a suitable and long lasting residual insecticide to all surfaces and likely areas using a flat fan and crack and crevice sprayer to all bedrooms. This is followed by Ultra Low Volume (ULV) space spray for a quick knock down effect. In this way we approach the treatment with a long-term residue and a rapid control technique.

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